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Dear All ,

Be it Christmas or New Year’s Eve, every soul in here deserves a heart out. So, here are our salon Offers to make your celebration a even more delight.

A festival without celebrations is like a cup of tea without any sweetener. That’s why we have brought you the best COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON to make your celebration a more delight than ever.

So, planning your party look already?

We are rolling out the ” 50% extra Beauty “offer from 23rd December. The scheme is available for our customers until the 31st December .

The scheme is as follows –

Customers have to bill 5000 rupees or more  through a card . The card can be new or it can be loaded on to a old one (all EXCEPT AAB CARD) . We are rolling out the suvidha card for this purpose and you may load on that unless you don’t receive it on time.

The customers can load any amount over 5,000 rupees plus taxes and the system will calculate at 150% of that amount . e.g. 10,000 will result in 15,000 rupees worth services across categories . These services can be taken over the next one year.


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